Interface Summary

Class Summary
ArrowEnd This class defines the end of an arrow.
BasicNode Simple kind of node used as default in GraphViz
Cluster A cluster is more or less a subgraph.
Colors Provide color equivalent between GraphViz color names and Java coloring system
DOTLexer Lexer for GraphViz Dot files
DOTParser Parser for GraphViz Dot files.
DOTTreeParser Evaluate an GraphViz AST generated with the correct parser in order to create the corresponding Java data structure
DotUtils Provide useful methods that for a number of different classes
Edge Defines a GraphViz edge linking a node to another.
Graph Root of a GraphViz graph.
Node Abstract node class containing basic common attributes and accessing methods
Point Point coordinates in GraphViz style (points can have multiple dimensions instead of 2)
Rectangle Defines a rectangle with its lower left and upper right points
Spline Control point positions of a spline
Style Specifies a node or edge style.
SubGraph A SubGraph may be considered as a graph inside another.
SubRecord Part of a Record, may also be considered as a node as it can point or be pointed with an edge
ZgrReader Create the ZVTM Glyphs corresponding to a given Graph.

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